Install WordPress on Cpanel based Hosting

Install wordpress with cpanel based hosting

I will teach you how to install WordPress on cpanel based webhosting and this is very tiny basic task in wordpress development. There are few method to install the wordpres in cpanel based hosting and both are very easy.

Method # 1 Install WordPress Automatically:

Many web hosting partners offer one-click installation in combination with cPanel. These services let you Install WordPress without having to get your hands dirty. We recommend the Softaculous automatic app installer to install WordPress in a few clicks. Some Web hosting will change it name but using the same pattners with another name.

Install WordPress “Click on wordpres under scripts.”

Method # 2 Install WordPress Manually:

It’s possible to install WordPress manually. Even though this method includes a few more steps to build a website, some users prefer it. To install WordPress manually, you need to download and upload the WordPress files, create a database and install WordPress. Let’s get started:

1. Download WordPress file.

Download wordpress latest version from official website.

Once WordPress has downloaded the zip file on to your computer, it’s time to upload the files to your hosting account.

2. Upload WordPress to your hosting account

There are two ways to upload the files for WordPress hosting; You can use an FTP client like Filezilla, alternatively, use the File Manager in the cPanel of your hosting account. They both work the same way to upload your .ZIP file and there is little difference between them.

3. Setting up your database and users

Before the installation begins, you need to create a new database in your host account. You need to do this so that WordPress can save the data necessary for your website to work properly.

Setting up your database and users
Setting up your database and users

4. Install WordPress

Head to the domain of the website you set up this WordPress installation. If your WordPress files are in the root directory, go to If you put the files in a subdirectory called myblog, for example, then head to

Installing WordPress
Installing WordPress

To connect your database to WordPress, you need to enter the name of your database, and the username and password you noted down earlier. You can leave database name as the default localhost. If localhost doesn’t work you should be able to get this information from your web host. The Table Prefix can also be left untouched. Click Submit once you’ve entered the information needed.

You’ve now reached the famous five-minute WordPress installation screen. Finalize the installation by entering some administration information. Type your websites title, your desired administrator username and choice of password, and email address into the respective fields. You’ll also notice a checkbox marked “discourage search engines from indexing this site.” This means whether you’d like to make your site visible to search engines like Google. Check this if you don’t want to search engines to display your site in their search results. Once you’ve filled in your information, you’re ready to click Install WordPress.

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